Problem with Bengali Font?

If you are using Windows Vista or later version, the contents of this site are compatible with the system fonts you already have in you computer.
But if you have experienced that the fonts are not working at your PC, then download the Solaiman Lipi font and install from below link:

1. Download Solaiiman Lipi

How to install the fonts to your computer.
i) First Copy the fonts and paste it to your system's "Fonts" directory. ii) You can find this directory by two simple ways: iii) Start > Run > type "fonts" iv) click OK.
Or go to ‚ÄčStart > Control Panel > Fonts Finally, it's better to have a restart we hope, you will have no more problems with Bengali fonts. That's it.
For Windows XP or earlier version you have to install a Unicode font which supports Bengali. It's a matter of few seconds to install the font and folllow the ablove instructions, "How to install the fonts to your computer.".
1. Download Vrinda Font

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